Well here is all the Information you need to know about Uganda. This article touches all the things one needs to be aware of while on trip to Uganda. 


1) Air Transport.

Uganda currently has only one international airport. The Entebbe International Airport is situated about 43Km away from the capital city of Kampala. If you plan to travel by air in inland, there are several internal city linking domestic airports. There are few domestic scheduled flights so you might need to get yourself a chartered flight.


2) Road Transport in Uganda.

The major  mode of transport in Uganda is shared public taxis and Boss. You can practically see and hop on to a taxi allover the country. When you reach your destination you simply say Mumaso awoo and the driver will stop! You can also Rent a private taxi or hail a Uber!

3) Train and Rail

There is almost no functional passenger rail transport in the country! Trains are more of cargo transporters. Even then goods are transported largely by Traillers.

4) Food

Uganda is rich with a variety of organic fresh foods. The main food consumed in the country is Matooke, Rice, Posho and Millet. You can get intercontinental cousins in most major cities at highend restuarants. 

5) Drinks

Rwenzori bottled mineral water is the most consumed safe water. You can get rwenzori water at almost every grocery shop in  the country. The coca cola manufactured brand is the leader in an industry that has over 100 other brands.

If you want some Beer, there many international brands like Heineken. The leader though is locally brewed Nile Special beer with other competitor brands from Uganda Breweries.

6) Car Hire in Uganda

You can easily rent a car for either self drive or driver with a car in Uganda. Simply search for Uganda car hire and you will have several options. We however recommend Uganda Car Hire from Techsys Autos. If you plan to travel to the game parks, be sure to rent a 4×4 Landcruiser.

7) Knowledgebase

You can get more useful information from New Vision the leading news paper in Uganda. New Vision’s competitor Daily Monitor is also a good place to search for information. Kweshan is probablly the leading indipendent Knowledgebase in Uganda. You have the option to ask a question on Kweshan if you do not find what you are looking for!