With the prosperity of industry and commerce, logistics technology increasingly shows its importance. In order to meet different needs, the types of cargo lifts are also increasing, and their functions are becoming more and more perfect. There are dozens of types of freight elevators produced by the application of advanced elevator comprehensive technology. Whether it is from 500 kg to 5000 kg, or whether it is traction type or hydraulic type, it has a high degree of safety and reliability. And easy to use. The series of cargo lifts can provide you with safe, smooth and efficient services in different places such as factories, warehouses, shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, stations and so on.


When purchasing a cargo lift, an enterprise must first comprehensively consider factors such as its scope of use (table size, raised height, load weight), work frequency, utilization rate, and other factors, and choose a lift that is suitable for the work level required by the unit’s use. freight elevator. Conduct market research according to the proposed technical parameters. The first condition for the choice of supplier is to look at the production qualification of the manufacturer, and then the after-sales service capability. As long as the product is of good quality, excellent performance and complete safety devices, it can be selected as the object of choice under the condition of reasonable price. After the equipment arrives, check whether the random technical data is complete, whether the random accessories, tools and accessories are consistent with the list, whether the equipment and accessories are damaged or defective, etc., and make a record of unpacking and acceptance.


Two types cargo lift can be used for industrial purpose.


Fixed scissor lift table

It is a special cargo lift used for transporting goods between floors of buildings. The products are mainly used for up and down transportation of goods between various working floors; three-dimensional garages and underground garages are used to lift cars between floors. The hydraulic system of the product is equipped with anti-fall and overload safety protection devices, and operation buttons can be set on each floor and the working surface of the lifting platform to realize multi-point control. The product has a solid structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, and is an economical and practical ideal cargo conveying equipment to replace elevators between low floors. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lifting platform, different optional configurations can be selected to achieve better use results.


Vertical lead rail Cargo Lift

It is a hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment used for lifting of goods. It adopts hydraulic cylinder as the main power, and is driven by heavy chains and wire ropes to ensure the absolute safety of machine operation. There is no need for pits and machine rooms, and it is especially suitable for basements, warehouse renovations, new shelves, etc. It is easy to install and maintain, beautiful, safe, and easy to operate. The specific production is based on the actual environment of the site.