Learn everything about Tesla tire rotation

Tesla cars are not cheap. Buyers of such cars praise them for their economy. On average, their maintenance costs are much cheaper compared to conventional cars. There is no need to pay for gasoline and change oil, also charging is cheaper. But what if the car needs repairs? Is it expensive to rotate tires, for example?

tesla tire rotation

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Why change tires on cars?

Tires are an important component of vehicles that provide safety while driving. Tire rotations from winter to summer tires and vice versa are important because of the differences in the tread pattern. Manufacturers, adapting to weather conditions, produce models that are very different from each other.

Tires for summer have deep longitudinal grooves designed to drain water and dirt from under the contact spot.

They effectively remove moisture, preventing aquaplaning.

Deep grooves are the feature of winter models, which have large blocks. With their help, a high-quality drainage system is forming that can cope with loose and rolled snow.

With the proper use of summer and winter models, drivers can improve vehicle handling, increase traction, and improve comfort. Timely Tesla tire rotation to account for climatic conditions allows tires to be used for several seasons.

Tire wear

You should rotate tires from winter to summer model and vice versa in the following cases:

  • In case of tire wear. A tire is considered worn out whenthetread depth is less than 2/32″. Driving on such sets of wheels is unsafe and can lead to an accident. Recommended tire rotations from the Tesla owner’s manual:
    • less than 4/32″ are not suitable for wet road conditions;
    • less than 5/32″ are not suitable for winter conditions.
  • In case of uneven abrasion of the tread pattern. This is more common on low-profile tires, which wear along the edges faster than the center. This has a negative effect on vehicle control.
  • In case of mechanical damage. If you detect an impact break or bulgea sidewall indentation, or a cut, it is necessary to rotate the tire set. The appearance of the cord is also an indication of a necessity for your Tesla tire rotation. The most common types of damage are:
    • Punctured Tires. A puncture eventually leads to a loss of tire pressure, so it is important to check the tire pressure frequently. Repair or replace punctured or damaged tires as soon as possible.
    • Flat Spots. If the car is stationary for a long time, flat spots may form on the tires. When driving, they cause vibration, which gradually disappears as the tires warm up.
  • At the end of the service life. The warranty life of a tire is five years. It is not forbidden to drive on such tires longer, but by this time, they lose their qualities. Tire loses its elasticity due to the difference in average daily temperature, sunlight, and deterioration of bonds between molecules.

To prolong tire life, ensure optimal stability on the road, prevent premature wear, and increase fuel efficiency, you must change your tires in good time.

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What’s the difference between rotating tires on a Tesla and replacing tires on regular cars?

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