There are many excellent driving schools in Romania, we are sure of it.

The students who come to our courses, however, often tell us about previous experiences at local driving schools where they were discouraged from the beginning to become motorcyclists. Kept for months riding a 125 or waiting for an exam for too long, “thrown” in the middle of traffic, traumatized by bad falls or disappointed by non-existent explanations on driving techniques (it’s not enough to say first gear is down the others up).

But, as already mentioned, this is not the case everywhere, in fact, there are many professionals in the sector.

We will therefore tell you some precautions to follow so as not to make mistakes when choosing a driving school… if you really can’t come to our courses!

Before signing up, here’s what to do scoala soferi Suceava:

  1. Ask what model of motorcycle is used and what year it is. Old models are poorly suited to skill exercises on the forecourt. They often have poor idle speed, don’t steer as they should and are difficult to handle;
  2. Ask to see the motorbike before starting the course. First to understand if you touch it and then to see if it is a badly damaged motorbike, if the tires are old, in short if you have the feeling that you would struggle to use it. Even if you don’t know anything about two wheels yet, believe me you will notice;
  3. Find out how often the guide is scheduled and how many at least they will make you do (we recommend at least 2 per week so as not to forget everything between one session and another and at least 10);
  4. Ask how long the lesson actually lasts (usually between 45 minutes and an hour, but between the time you arrive, get ready and go back you lose at least 15/20 minutes);
  5. Don’t think, if you have already bought it, that you will be able to use your motorbike for the exam because since July 2015 driving schools have been obliged to use the motorbikes registered to them. So in this case, you could only use your two-wheeler by taking the private exam;
  6. Ask how many motorcycle licenses they usually get per year (you will understand if they are experienced in teaching);
  7. Ask who your instructor will be (if he is a “real motorcyclist” or someone who doesn’t clock up kilometers but just teaches);
  8. Try to understand, even on your own, if you feel comfortable, if not, you are not in the right place;
  9. Ask which area you will practice on , if it is the same one where you will take the exam (learning on the same approved route on which you will then take the exam is much better) and approximately how many times they will make you try the exercise route before the exam. Of course, it also depends on your skill, but usually they have a standard;
  10. Add up all the costs to find out the total cost of the license. Often, to entice you, you are only told the cost to activate the pink slip. The overall cost is given by the following items: pink sheet activation procedures + exam registration + guides. Separately, the cost of the ASL medical examination. The latter can be done at the local ASL or for convenience at the guide’s office but it costs more. Also remember, although it is not the responsibility of the driving school, you need a medical history certificate from your general practitioner or a trusted one who knows you. Even in this case the rates are very different, so inform yourself well!

Once you have an idea of ​​all the costs and have a total figure, also consult other structures to compare everything before choosing your driving school. And above all, if they tell you “you’re a female, barely 160 cm tall, better if you forget it”, run away!