The mainstream TV industry is being significantly impacted by Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). Beyond simply the entertainment industry, it has many other uses. In this piece, we’ll look at one such specialised lista iptv market: the hospitality sector, and see how it may improve hotel guests’ experiences while also helping hotel operators.

In most hotels around the world, conventional television systems provide two key features:

On-demand movies and live TV
The coaxial cable TV technology, which has been widely used for the past 30 years, has restrictions on the features. It streams TV content, so pre-scheduled shows play regardless of the user’s personal preferences on a given channel. The user can tune to the channel of his or her choosing from a selection of content offered by the provider.

Why switch to IPTV? There are drawbacks to current analogue cable TV technology.

Poor TV channel quality
Lack of guest personalisation
There is no provision for gathering visitor feedback.
restrictions on the number of TV channels available
failing to provide convenience for visitors
TV services are not personalised
ineffective use of the audio-visual media to produce more income
Hotel IPTV Equipment
The Internet has significantly changed user patterns during the last 20 years. Today, the majority of hotels incorporate “Internet services” as part of their standard offerings, but it could cost a little extra. With the click of a mouse, consumers may now “search what they want” on the internet. Users now have more options thanks to the open flow of information, which has also raised their expectations. The IPTV technology can assist hotel operators in providing more varied options for infotainment and personalising the services for their visitors.


Channels on IPTV
Time-shift television (TV on demand) and video on demand
Bookmarking games Customized services
Shopping that is interactive
Customer Experience
The IPTV system or interactive TV in hotels has the potential to significantly alter the guest experience. The key areas where it can make a difference are:

user interface personalization based on visitor choices
localised entertainment system
ability to provide management with feedback
Advantages for Hotels
improved client satisfaction better TV content in terms of video and audio quality
additional sources of income
Tools to Increase the Staff’s and Room Services’ Quality and Efficiency
Interactive Hotel Services Advertising Platform

Each of these advantages will be covered in more detail in the upcoming instalments.

Yogesh Raut is an IT and networking industry veteran with more than 12 years of expertise. He has effectively gained years of expertise using IPTV technology in a variety of fields.

He is a co-founder of Singapore-based IPTV technology solution company NexusWerkz. He is the creator and architect of the IPTV solutions created by NexusWerkz, including Xenia Hospitality IPTV and Orion internet TV. He provides consulting services in a number of areas, including social networking, hotel TV, internet TV, and e-learning.