What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “meal bags”? Is it the sandwich plastic wrapper with zipper locks? Is it a printed lunch box with a meal and juice inside for your school-aged child? In any case, both are food packs.

However, there is a widespread misconception that food bags are only confined to plastic rolls that are fully consumed in the kitchen. But, surprisingly, there are several types of food bags, which fundamentally handle foods to keep them fresh.

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Perhaps you haven’t heard of these, but I find it fascinating that food preserving bags have their own specialties:

Let me begin with the ones we see in supermarkets that handle various amounts of food, whether fresh, dried, frozen, chunks, or in minute pieces. These are known as food packaging bags. These are firmly sealed, sometimes with an easy lock, and no air is allowed inside to ensure food freshness.

I’m sure you’ve heard of cellophane bags for food when it comes to homemade cookies, chocolates, and sweets. These are commonly used to transport foods as gifts and have a lovely ribbon tied at the top. Cellophane food packaging bags are available in a variety of clear colours and sizes. After eating the delicacies inside, they can be repurposed as trash bags.

Another type of food bag is the delivery bag. Delivery food storage bags are precisely designed to keep your ordered pizza fresh until it arrives at your doorstep. They are typically constructed of fabric material on the outside and strong plastic on the inside with a zipper to seal.

When you’re going on a journey and want to keep the hotness or coldness of your packed foods, you’ll need hot-and-cold food bags. These are composed of specific materials and have a secure zip that helps to keep your foods at the proper temperature.

Another type is fridge roll bags. These are clear, polythene plastic bags that are easy to use, come in a variety of sizes, and have a unique seal to prevent leaks and breakage while stored in the freezer. These are commonly used to store things that must be kept in the refrigerator, including as fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Finally, there are food preservation bags. These are specifically designed to preserve foods that are not typically stored in the refrigerator. These bags are often made of fabric, are long, and have an opening at the top and a zipper at the bottom for easy access to the meals inside. These food bags keep onions, garlic, potatoes, cheese, and mushrooms fresh.