So you’ve got a Nintendo Switch and you want to keep it in good shape so that it’s still good as new when you take it out of the box years down the line to play with your grandkids, but no matter what you do, your screen keeps getting scratched up by keys and coins in your pocket or dog-eared corners on the edges of your bookshelf.

Part 1: What Is an OLED Screen?

The Nintendo Switch’s screen consists of three primary components: The screen itself, which is made up of individual pixels called Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED); an image panel, which is made up of millions and millions of transistors that are used to create an image; and anti-reflection film, which is applied to minimize glare when your device’s playing in bright environments.

Part 2: Does the Nintendo Switch Have an OLED Screen?

Some readers have questioned whether the Nintendo Switch has an organic light-emitting diode screen, or pochette switch oled. It doesn’t. Unlike its predecessor, however—the Wii U Gamepad—the console does use a touch panel that is also capacitive, allowing you to control games by touch.

Part 3: What are the Benefits of an OLED over LCD?

An LED screen is made up of three layers: a backlight, liquid crystals, and an electrode. In LCD screens, light passes through filters and polarizers that control how much light gets to each pixel (these pixels are composed of red, green and blue sub-pixels). The backlight gives off white light which shines through these filters. These filters only allow certain wavelengths (colors) of light to shine through.

Part 4: Can You Protect Your Console From Scratches?

Since it is such an expensive investment, you want to ensure that your console stays in great condition as long as possible. This guide will look at some of the ways you can prevent screen scratches on your gaming system. Alongside offering tips on protecting your display, we’ll also discuss why scratches are common in gaming consoles and how they might affect gameplay.

Part 5: The Best Way to Buy a Protective Switch Case

Buy an Online Brand You Trust. Many companies manufacture Switch cases, coque switch oled but some of those companies make better-quality products than others. The best way to ensure you buy a high-quality case is to buy it from a reputable brand you trust.