The bohemian trend has been on the rise in women’s fashion, and we’re not ready to let it die anytime soon! The laidback lifestyle that comes with boho clothing can help you make the most of your downtime, whether it be at the beach or on your couch. So grab your surfboard and check out this guide to everything you need to know about boho clothing for women!

What is bohemian fashion?

Bohemian fashion is a style rooted in free-spiritedness, a sense of adventure, and a tendency toward self-expression. It’s loose, flowing lines take inspiration from nature and ancient cultures—think tribal patterns and corsets. Bohemian fashion trends are typically playful or flirty with touches of femininity. Flower prints, jewelry accents, frayed hems, and vintage details all add unique personality to any outfit. If you’re looking to add some boho flair to your wardrobe without committing fully to a bohemian aesthetic (we hear you), look for dresses that incorporate animal prints or layering pieces with geometric cutouts (think: lace trimming on a short sleeve t-shirt).

How to wear in your own style?

The best way to incorporate boho into your wardrobe is to do it in a way that’s authentic to who you are and how you like to dress. In other words, don’t wear boho just because it’s in style, but rather pick out pieces that fit your personal taste—even if they seem slightly trendy. One great example of incorporating a trendy item into your closet is how Aimee Song from Song of Style pairs her outfit with an oversized handbag. This is key! Think about what types of things you like to carry around and look for items that fit them well without being too cliche.

What are its elements

When you think of Boho-stil you might envision a breezy beach dress paired with strappy sandals or a flowing maxi skirt over bare legs. And while that look is definitely popular (and stylish), it’s only one way to embrace boho. It’s also about mixing stripes with florals and adding interesting textures like leather, fringe, lace, and embroidery to your wardrobe. Use pieces from different parts of your closet (think peasant blouse under denim jacket) to create new outfits and take cues from nature for color combos. Now’s a great time to incorporate lots of pastel pink into your closet; try pairing it with black for a fun combination.

How to make it work in your wardrobe?

The key to making boho work for you is knowing which parts of it you can pull off. For example, if you’re not a fan of miniskirts and bell-bottoms, go for floral tops or dresses paired with skinny jeans. As long as you have the right elements and put them together in a way that’s comfortable for your body type, there isn’t really anything that says boho has to be one look; it can be whatever works best with your lifestyle and style. Adding boho pieces to your wardrobe may seem intimidating at first, but remember: It’s only clothing. The most important part is that it makes you feel good about yourself!