The travel blogs on this list are ones I read and subscribe to. The list includes some of the travel blogging heavyweights in my opinion, and they are all freelance travel writers. Although they are connected to well-known travel websites and blogs, these bloggers prioritise living an extraordinary life and developing into smart writers. They’re all entertaining and motivating to read.

Everything-Everywhere blog

Gary Arndt wrote this.

Since 2007, Gary has been working as a professional traveller. Interviews with influential people in the sector, such as Laura Bly of, may be found on the blog. Gary’s views and motivations for visiting each location are included in the posts, which are factual but also intimate. According to its Klout rating, Everything-Everywhere is the #1 travel blogger on Twitter.

Most recent entry: Episode 152 of This Week In Travel.

Blog: Matt the Nomad

Matt Kepness wrote this.

Matt provides tactical and real-world tips on how to travel more effectively, efficiently, and longer. The site provides practical information on the best methods to travel the globe. Although there is a travel guide part with information gathered from Matt’s travels since 2004, the blog is more of a collection of practical advice than a diary of his adventures. The website has a collection of materials as well as videos.

Most recent article: Free Travel Anywhere

Go-See-Write Blog

Michael Hodson, author

He has been travelling since 2008 and has gone around the world without taking a plane. The blog chronicles Michael’s journeys and encounters in each of the places he visits. There is a section with travel destination advice and a vast list of places you can learn about, including Dubai tourism. The blog chronicles the personal travels of a lone traveller.

Most recent article: Visiting One of the Highest Lakes in the World

Fox Nomad blog

Anil Polat, author

a travel writer selected by the Huffington Post as one to watch Anil is a full-time traveller who also happens to be a gadget nerd, so the blog frequently focuses on the technological side of travelling. He frequently travels to off-the-beaten-path nations and shares helpful tips on how to survive in areas like Yemen and Iraq. You may find tools, location advice, tech posts, and insights into green travel and culture on the blog.

The landmarks to watch for when flying into Istanbul, according to the most current post

Legal Nomads blog

Writer: Former Montreal attorney Jodi

Since 2008, she has been eating her way across the globe and documenting her trips on a blog that focuses on food, culture, and travel. One benefit of this travel writer’s site is that it is ad-free (apart from Amazon links), which makes it look quite professional. If you’re interested in food-related travel, you should check out this site, which is listed among the best travel blogs on MSN.

Most recent article: Doug Barber, Co-Founder of Minaa, on Thrillable Hours

Almost Fearless blog

Christine Gilbert wrote this.

One of the top-ranking travel and leisure blogs, this one is written by a mother who has been taking family vacations since 2008. It features stunning photos and a unique combination of family, self, and travel. The blog’s life, kitchen, photographs, and kids sections all reflect the emphasis on family travel. There are some practical travel advice as well as more general life lessons.

Most recent article: How I Took Ten Years To Get Where I Began

Blog: Chocolates and Camels

Kristin Luna wrote this.

Due to the excellent writing, and other “top” lists rank this site among the best travel blogs. The author is a seasoned journalist who has spoken with famous people and who also has a travel addiction. She visits a wide range of locations, chronicling her trips and providing the occasional travel advice. The site features numerous images of the trip writer in various travel locales.

Most recent entry: Columbus, Ohio, Photo Friday

Johnny Vagabond’s blog

Author: Wes

This blog’s appeal is found in the skillfully written accounts of the author’s trips, making it another Huffington Post top pick for best travel writer blogs. Wes is taking incredible images while he travels the globe on a limited budget. Along with providing you with a wealth of information about the travel destinations, the writing is interesting, informative, and amusing.

A Love Letter from the Philippines, most recent entry

48 Hour Adventure blog

Justin Morris is the author.

a blog that is extremely helpful and practical, with each post devoted to a 48-hour itinerary of things to see and do in various travel destinations. This travel and leisure blog stands out for its straightforward usability. If you’re interested in travelling to Dubai, you may find a “48 hours in Dubai” post that lists attractions, provides directions, and has a tonne of large photographs.

The most recent article was 48 Hours in Reykjavik.

Global Grasshopper, a blog

Gary and Becky, a pair of travel writers

In contrast to many of the blogs on this list, it is a compilation of motivational travel tales and destination advice written by travel writers rather than a diary of one person’s travels. You can find “top 10” lists, hip hotels, stunning locations, and even a section just for travel snobs!

Most recent article: 10 top vacation spots

Blog: Successful Travel Industry

Author: Tourism Warren, Tim

Since 1994, Tourism Tim Warren has been assisting travel industry professionals in realising their ambitions. “Tourism Tim” Warren has used his book, online courses, and webinars to help thousands of small, beginning tour operators and foreign business development agencies grow sales, arrivals, and profits from Michigan to Mongolia, Baja to Bolivia. Being an entrepreneur at heart, he enjoys assisting present and aspiring travel entrepreneurs in making money while pursuing their dream of working in the tourist industry. Read More about Charleston Vacation