The day has arrived when the average consumer has decided to use the Internet to study their purchase decision and complete the transaction. You cannot fault them, as it gives a convenient and hassle-free atmosphere for comparison shopping and option exploration. However, are you prepared for this transformation in marketing and technology? Check the following to ensure that you are standing on solid ground:

Social Media: You don’t need an active campaign, but have you obtained usernames on the key sites and established a means to monitor brand-related conversations? Conversations are occurring without you, so you must listen.

As this is frequently a consumer’s initial impression, you must make a good one. Does your website effectively describe all of your offerings and answer clients’ inquiries? Take another look.

Optimization for Search Engines Can individuals locate you using search engines? More importantly, can people locate you using the important keywords? Could they still locate you if you didn’t know the name of your business?

Once someone locates you, are there numerous ways to maintain contact? Is there a waitlist that they can join to be notified of future openings, for instance, if someone is investigating but there is no availability?

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