What are you thinking right now? If you’re like most people, it’s probably not Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka doesn’t generally pop into the average person’s mind when thinking about web development, but that could be changing in the coming years, as the island nation becomes an important center of web development services – and not just because of its beautiful beaches!

History of web development in Sri Lanka

The history of web development in Sri Lanka is short but has seen rapid growth since the late 1990s. As the Internet boomed, it became increasingly necessary for businesses to have their own websites to be competitive, and that led to the rise of web development as an industry. Today, there are over 3,000 web developers in Sri Lanka who work for both local and international clients.

The rise of the new industry

The web development sri lanka industry is booming in Sri Lanka. With the rise of the popularity and demand for internet usage, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing an emergence of this new industry. Web developers have become very important to companies looking to create an online presence. This is because these professionals are capable of designing and developing websites for businesses as well as creating customized applications for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The future of web development in Sri Lanka

With the rise of the internet and its increasing popularity, many countries are adopting to this new trend. Web development is one such industry that has been steadily growing in Sri Lanka. The industry is expected to grow as more and more companies recognize the importance of having a website for their business. Furthermore, with web development being relatively inexpensive, it has become an option for startup companies that would have previously not been able to afford it.